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Analyzing and development time with the artist.


Hey there bloggers, artist here.

Diana is out doing some hunting and left me to make a post for the blog. Tonight’s post will be on how I analyze, visualize, and gain inspiration for Diana in art and story. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Disclaimer: Everything you see here is just a matter of opinion and the way I see Diana. Don’t like it? Move along.

So first thing I do is break things down and look at what I know about and see in Diana. Mountain warrior that carries a big curved sword as tall as herself. Little extra detail on that she can swing the blade like a feather with just one arm. Based off of her lore, she’s strong willed, knows how to fight (I seriously doubt she just magically knew how to fight when she killed the Solari elders and guards on her execution night and then immediately began a crusade against the tribe), slightly nihilistic, dead on the inside, bitter, etc etc. 


With that description in mind, Diana has gotta have some muscle. She may have been born a Solari, but she still has Rakkori blood running through her veins. She’s not this tiny little girl that carries a giant weapon like they do in your favorite animoos. She’s a warrior woman and she’s very proud of it!

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